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Home Maintenance Tips For Safety

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There are several home maintenance tips that should be taken note of from the standpoint of safety and health. First of all you must have regular schedule for safety items. There are several tests also that must be undertaken within the home on a regular basis. You must first of all test all smoke alarms and dust them. You can use a vacuum for this purpose. The smoke detector will fail to function wowing to spider webs and dust which may clog it.

Also you should check windows regularly to see that they can be easily raised. In case of a fire you may want to escape through the windows with your family and you will want it to open smoothly. You must also check the garage door on regular intervals and make sure it works smoothly. This is to avoid getting trapped inside.

Monthly Tasks

The next set of home maintenance tips involve the things you have to do on a monthly basis for your home to run properly. You must run water on unused drains and also clean the shower head to prevent clogging. You can also pour a little baking soda into all drains and run hot water. This will help to maintain them well.

The home maintenance tips also take into account the basement maintenance or the place where the furnace and hot water tank are located. If your furnace filter has become dirty, you must clean or replace it. You must also drain some water from your hot water tank. This will help to clear the dirt that gets settled at the bottom of the hot water tank. If this is left undone, then it can clog the water tank and you will find the tank does not work as efficiently as it should.


There are also several home maintenance tips for pet owners. If you have pets at home you must check the heat ducts, air conditioning filters and the refrigerator coils on a monthly basis. This is because pet hair can clog these items. By maintaining it properly, the hair can be kept to a minimum.

By following the aforesaid home maintenance tips, you can keep your home running more smoothly and efficiently. Appliances will also start working better and you may not need hiring a professional to solve problems. You can save a lot of money in this way which can be spent on a vacation instead.

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